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March 28, 2022

ASCD Community in Action / Remember to Vote for the Board

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Vote now to fill two positions on ASCD's 2022–2023 Board of Directors.

The three candidates are:
Hannah Gbenro, Chief Academic Officer (CAO), Olympia School District, Olympia, Washington
Sarena Shivers, Deputy Executive Director, Michigan Association of Superintendents and Administrators, Ypsilanti, Michigan
Kim Wallace, Associate Director, 21st Century School Leadership Academy (21CSLA) State Center, University of Berkeley, California, Berkeley, California
Cast your vote by logging in with your member ID and password at The election closes on April 30, 2022. Please contact ASCD Governance with any questions.

Resources for Effective Feedback

Questioning for Formative Feedback: Meaningful Dialogue to Improve Learning by Jackie Acree Walsh. (ASCD, 2022). Stock no. 119006.
Learning knows no boundaries. So how can we infuse school learning with the authenticity and excitement associated with real-life experiences? Jackie Acree Walsh explores the relationship between questioning and feedback in K–12 classrooms and how dialogue serves as the bridge connecting the two.
Generating Formative Feedback by Jackie Acree Walsh. (ASCD Quick Reference Guide, 2021). Stock no. QRG122060.
Uncovering student thinking and pinpointing gaps in understanding are essential formative assessment tasks for any teacher. In this quick reference guide, Walsh walks teachers through a process for crafting the quality questions that shine a light on student learning and identify learning gaps.
How to Look at Student Work to Uncover Student Thinking by Susan M. Brookhart & Alice Oakley. (ASCD, 2021). Stock no. 122011.
Assessment expert Brookhart and instructional coach Oakley walk teachers through a better and more illuminating way to approach student work across grade levels and content areas.
Coaching expert Jim Knight offers a blueprint for establishing, administering, and assessing an instructional coaching program laser-focused on every educator's ultimate goal: the academic success of students.
Compassionate Coaching: How to Help Educators Navigate Barriers to Professional Growth by Kathy Perret & Kenneth McKee. (ASCD, 2021). Stock no. 121017.
Barriers to effective teaching are temporary challenges successful coaches help teachers overcome by connecting them with the right methods and keeping them focused on the destination. Perret and McKee identify the six most vexing challenges teachers face and the six corresponding ways that coaches can help teachers surmount them.

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