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March 1, 2019
Vol. 76
No. 6

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Is My School a Better School Because I Lead It? by Baruti K. Kafele (ASCD, 2018)
For example, the question "What does my leadership presence represent to my staff?" challenges common assumptions about instructional leadership. Kafele notes:
In my workshops, I will often ask the administrators present if they are the instructional leaders of their schools. Principals will sometimes feel affronted by the question—"Of course I am! I'm the leader of the school, after all." When I ask them to reflect on the evidence for this assertion, [they] suddenly go silent. Self-reflection and consideration of the evidence is paramount here. Does staff perceive you as a leader who helps shape the direction of instruction in school? As your staff is growing professionally, it is imperative that they can attribute at least some of their professional growth to their collegial relationship with you.
Other questions prompt examination of a school leader's contribution to—and understanding of—pedagogy.
Peppered with stories from Kafele's leadership workshops and experience as an urban principal, this book packs a powerful punch. School leaders could be 35 questions away from determining the real value they bring to their building.

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