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April 1, 2019
Vol. 76
No. 7

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February 2019: The Tech-Savvy School

Tech Love

EL magazine and ASCD hold my #LoveTeaching level up each year. From Larissa Pahomov helping me better target my small group teaching in September to the most recent [technology] issue that's helping me advocate for new policy at the school and district level, EL magazine keeps my teacher fire burning.
Dustin Voss
Excellent issue—just finished it! "It's about the learning, not the tools." Isn't that true with quality teaching and learning? Funny how we sometimes forget that when new things come along. It's always about how we design learning for our young and adult learners!
Samantha Coy

Inspiring Words

I'm an emotional person, I admit, but the opening paragraph of H. Richard Milner IV's column "No More 'Waiting on 16'" brought me to tears. It is so real. Thank you for your words and action steps.
Sydney Jensen, 2019 Nebraska Teacher of the Year

Working in Harmony

A great read from Carol Ann Tomlinson once again in @ELmagazine this month. Gems like "technology as the servant of learning" and "technology as though it is the instrument, and not the music" capture my hopes so well.
Tina Zita

Triple E-xcited

So pumped to see Liz Kolb and her Triple E Framework featured in this issue. The framework's guiding questions dramatically improved my use of technology in the classroom a few years ago and it's still a big part of my thinking on meaningful tech use in schools.
Taylor Casarez

November 2018

You're Welcome!

Just wanted to let you know that I CANNOT put the [November 2018] edition of EL magazine down! Every single page energizes me for the work our team is doing to transform professional learning. So, thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!
Michael J. Crawford

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