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July 1, 2019
Vol. 76
No. 9

Readers React

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Readers React

April 2019

An Issue Well-Read

There are so many perks to being a member of ASCD, but this month's EL magazine ["Race in America's Schools"] … WOW! So many great articles. Paul Gorski's "Avoiding Racial Equity Detours" is a must-read. Thank you!
Paul Forbes
I've been a proud @ELmagazine subscriber and reader for 11 years. Hands down, the April 2019 Edition #separateandstillunequal is THE BEST cover-to-cover edition I've received and read.
Abby Boruff

Let's Hear It for the Teachers

This is fantastic! I am thrilled to see Matthew Kay's message ["'Shock Value' Is Overrated in Race Conversations"] getting out there as widely as possible. Plus, I love it when EL magazine publishes classroom teachers!
Jennifer Orr

Too Much Focus on Race?

I've been teaching in both private and public schools for nearly 30 years. All of this information seems well-intended, but has it dawned on anyone at ASCD that maybe the way we educators have been doing things since Brown vs. Board of Education may not be working? I'm referring to the constant focus on race. Maybe we should all just start looking at each other as human beings, and if we are going to judge, do so on the content of one another's character, not on the color of our skin. I hope that sounds familiar to ASCD, but I fear it is ignored for a more politically charged narrative of race, race, race. This overworked narrative is only propagating more division in our country, and it is especially unfair to marginalized communities.
Mike Scallon, science and robotics teacher, St. Gabriel's Catholic School, Austin, Texas

March 2019

Welcome to the Fold

Super excited to dig into my first issue of Educational Leadership. So many great articles in one issue—including one by Jacy Ippolito and Douglas Fisher ["Instructional Leadership for Disciplinary Literacy"]. I read a few of the articles online and decided I just needed to own the issue … and get a membership!
Jill Tully

February 2019

Tech-Savvy Praise

As a subscriber to Educational Leadership for probably the better part of 15 to 20 years, I find that some issues have some interesting articles, and others are not really pertinent to my position. I have never been previously moved to tell you that any issue was great, controversial, not useful etc., but the Tech-Savvy School issue is outstanding!
Randee Susan Blair, coordinator of school services and professional development, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

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Coming This Fall: What New Teachers Need

What do new teachers really need to know and do to survive and thrive? Our September 2019 issue will look at the craft and calling of teaching, providing strategic advice (and moral support) to new teachers and those who support them. Featured authors include Mike Schmoker, Todd Whitaker, Sarah Fiarman, Robert Jackson, and Paul Emerich France. Don't miss this essential back-to-school resource.

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