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March 1, 2020
Vol. 77
No. 6

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December 2019/January 2020: Building Bridges for ELLs

EL Ambassadors

I woke up early this morning, so excited to read articles from such respected English-learner ambassadors on how to best support ELs, their teachers, leaders, and families. Excellent articles!
Gloria StewartKooper
I'm so thankful for this issue! It seems as though supports are becoming fewer and farther between for our ELL students. All students deserve access to education, and if there are barriers, supports should be implemented! Yay!
Chelsea Gamble (@Chelsea__Gamble)
This EL magazine is speaking right to my heart!
Mrs. Parks (@MrsParksinRm315)

School Leaders: Hint, Hint!

If I worked at the district level, I would purchase as many of these as I could and use them for professional learning opportunities on campuses!
Valentina Gonzalez (@ValentinaESL)

Keep It Brief

Educational Leadership magazine came in the mail today, and what a nice shoutout [in the Advisory section] to Tan Huynh and Carol Salvac for their VirtuEL conference PLUS these gems: Bathroom Briefs.
Monica Starkweather (@monstar_01)

Get to Know the Family

Great piece on the importance of building relationships w/the families of our ELLs ["Partners in Learning"]. School-family relationships are not optional for any of our traditionally marginalized families.
Rich Taibi (@RichTaibi)
What a powerful piece about connectivity! ["Involving Families: A Relationship-Centered Approach," an online exclusive by Ari Gerzon-Kessler]. As that is a focus in Henry County Schools, there are some applicable steps in this article for us! Great work.
Kirk Shrum (@KirkShrum)

Assessing ELLs for Disabilities

So grateful [L. Juliana Urtubey] wrote this article ["Supporting Latinx Families in Special Education Decisions"]. A very relevant topic and issue we need to pay close attention to. It's important to have accurate assessment tools when evaluating ELLs for a disability.
Dr. Doreen N Myrie (@DrDorie1)

Coming in April: Deeper Discussions

Get ready for some conversation. Our April 2020 issue will explore the critical topic of "Deeper Discussions"—looking at ways educators can break free of passive-learning conventions and use classroom conversations to promote higher-order thinking, effective communication, social-emotional skills, and equity. Featured authors include Mike Anderson, Zaretta Hammond, Wendy Ostroff, and Alexis Wiggins.

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