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November 1, 2021

Readers React

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School Culture

Entering a New Era

Some great articles and WHAT a cover. Education needs a transformation—let's make it happen!
Carla Marschall (@carlamarschall)
Thank you, ASCD, for helping us to continually transform our work. You serve as thought leaders for so many of us. I have so many of your EL issues that are dog-eared and saved because they are so useful in my work. This issue says it all right now.
Adriana Garza (@adrianag62)
Nerding out on my first copy of ASCD's EL magazine. Neat to see names I already follow, and I'm wondering, how did Paul Emerich France ["Putting the Person Back in Personalized Learning"] know I've been pondering the difference between individualized and personalized learning?
Kecia McDonald (@mcdonald_kecia)

Investing in Educators

We are bombarded with strategies and suggestions, and it makes it hard to make decisions. EL magazine has so much quality, though. ["Putting the Person Back in Personalized Learning" by Paul Emerich France] makes so much sense, and it doesn't require you to buy a program, just to invest in our teachers and build their capacity. Thanks!
Mariana Ponte (@marianaponte08)

Different Needs, Must Read

["What Differentiated Instruction Really Means" by Lisa Westman] is a must-read for anyone in education or supporting educators! Want to know how to provide access to Tier 1 learning while focusing on students' needs? It's all here. Focus on growth, not loss.
Tiffany Arce (@tarce29)

Wiser and Stronger

["Opening Stronger—and More Open to Inquiry" by Myron Dueck] is striking a chord after an amazing morning talking all things student learning and assessment with our amazing secondary curriculum team! I am beyond excited for the shifts we are making at Danielson Middle School [in Leander, TX] and look forward to continuing our work!
Kelly Looman (@LoomanICdms)

SEL for School Reopenings

I LOVE this!! ["Fostering Hope, Healing, and Well-Being" by Phyllis L. Fagell]. What a great read for anyone in education. Offers six ways educators meet SEL needs of students as they transition back to in-person schooling and beyond.
Heidi (@HKalafat24)

The Cat's Meow

Even the kitty loves this issue!
Valentina Gonzalez (@ValentinaESL)
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