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Member Books

Available ASCD book titles for Premium, Select, and Institutional Plus members of the association.

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Member Books


In addition to the e-books or print books which ASCD Premium, Select, and Institutional Plus members receive as part of their benefits, ASCD members also have online access to the full book text of the 20 most recent member books. These chapters are accessible through the book's information page in its "Table of Contents" section when members are logged in to the website.

Each book listed below also includes the membership level and month for which the e-book or print book was a membership benefit (e.g., EdTech Essentials was the August 2021 Premium member book and either the print book or e-book download was sent to eligible Premium members based on their membership type).

Recent Member Books

This section is updated when the full book text for a new member book becomes available online. The list of upcoming (future) member books is here.

The New Classroom Instruction That Works: The Best Research-Based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement

by Bryan Goodwin, Kristin Rouleau

November 2022—Premium, Select, Institutional Plus

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From Underestimated to Unstoppable: 8 Archetypes for Driving Change in the Classroom and Beyond

by Ashley Lamb-Sinclair

September 2022—Premium, Select, Institutional Plus

Leading Your School Toward Equity: A Practical Framework for Walking the Talk

by Dwayne T. Chism

August 2022—Premium

Educator Bandwidth: How to Reclaim Your Energy, Passion, and Time

by Jane A. G. Kise and Ann C. Holm

July 2022—Premium, Select, Institutional Plus

Achievement Teams: How a Better Approach to PLCs Can Improve Student Outcomes and Teacher Efficacy

by Stephen Ventura and Michelle Ventura

May 2022—Premium

Questioning for Formative Feedback: Meaningful Dialogue to Improve Learning

by Jackie Acree Walsh

April 2022—Premium, Select, Institutional Plus

Literacy Is Liberation: Working Toward Justice Through Culturally Relevant Teaching

by Kimberly N. Parker

February 2022—Premium

The Flexibly Grouped Classroom: How to Organize Learning for Equity and Growth

by Kristina J. Doubet

January 2022—Premium, Select, Institutional Plus

Well-Being in Schools: Three Forces That Will Uplift Your Students in a Volatile World

by Andy Hargreaves and Dennis Shirley

December 2021—Premium

The Definitive Guide to Instructional Coaching: Seven Factors for Success

by Jim Knight

November 2021—Premium, Select, Institutional Plus

Why Are We Still Doing That? Positive Alternatives to Problematic Teaching Practices

by Pérsida Himmele and William Himmele

September 2021—Premium, Select, Institutional Plus

EdTech Essentials: The Top 10 Technology Strategies for All Learning Environments

by Monica Burns

August 2021—Premium

We Belong: 50 Strategies to Create Community and Revolutionize Classroom Management

by Laurie Barron and Patti Kinney

July 2021—Premium, Select, Institutional Plus

The Equity and Social Justice Education 50: Critical Questions for Improving Opportunities and Outcomes for Black Students

by Baruti K. Kafele

May 2021—Premium

Stop Leading, Start Building: Turn Your School into a Success Story with the People and Resources You Already Have

by Robyn R. Jackson

February 2021—Premium

Improving Student Learning One Teacher at a Time, 2nd Edition

by Jane E. Pollock and Laura J. Tolone

December 2020—Premium

Student Learning Communities: A Springboard for Academic and Social-Emotional Development

by Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and John Almarode

November 2020—Premium, Select, Institutional Plus

Social-Emotional Learning and the Brain: Strategies to Help Your Students Thrive

by Marilee Sprenger

September 2020—Premium, Select, Institutional Plus

Upcoming Member Books

Books in this section do not yet have online text available. If the book's title is hyperlinked, you can learn more about the book and pre-order copies if you won't receive it as part of your benefits level (or want to order additional copies for your team).

Note: Due to ongoing worldwide paper supply issues there may be delays in delivery dates for print member books. The dates and titles of future member books are also subject to change. ASCD will communicate all changes to members via the Membership FAQ and ASCD Delivers e-newsletter. Please visit the Membership FAQ for the anticipated availability dates for the print, e-book, and online text for these future titles.


How Many Print or E-Books Do I Get, Again?

Premium: Digital Premium members receive up to 9 e-books per year, and Digital + Print Premium members receive up to 9 print books per year.

Select and Institutional Plus: Digital Select members receive up to 5 e-books per year, and Digital + Print Select members receive up to 5 print books per year. Institutional Plus members receive 5 print books per year (the same books as Digital + Print Select).

Read the eligibility requirements for more information.

Membership Benefits Questions?

Please contact us if you have questions about membership benefits or visit our FAQ.

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