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Professional Learning

Level Up Your PLCs with Achievement Teams

5 months ago

Professional Learning

Educator Bandwidth, Burnout, and Blameless Discernment

7 months ago

Implications and Applications of the Latest Brain Research for Learners and Teachers

8 years ago

Using PD Online® for Blended Professional Learning

8 years ago

Formative Classroom Walkthroughs

8 years ago

In this Webinar

Well-functioning teacher and leadership teams or PLCs are essential to the continuous improvement of schools, especially in times of change and uncertainty. Yet too often, these collaborative models become unguided and misdirected, limiting their capacity to influence teaching and learning.

In this highly interactive and engaging session, you'll learn about Achievement Teams, a four-step collaborative protocol that fosters positive relationships, encourages responsible autonomy, and creates professionals who enthusiastically believe they can improve student outcomes through equitable learning cultures. This process can replace or be used within existing team structures or PLCs to create a school community grounded in collective efficacy.

When schools and school systems de-emphasize individual practice and promote collective ability, the conditions are created for educators to continuously reflect on and improve their practice. When teams follow this protocol consistently, both collaboration and student achievement increase.  

You’ll leave this session able to
* Understand how a structure such as Achievement Teams can level up your current PLCs.
* Enable teacher teams and PLCs to effectively share and select optimal instructional strategies.
* Make the most of collaborative time by clearly defining goals and expectations.
* Understand the steps needed to create a replicable, student-centered cycle of evidence gathering, goal setting, data interpretation, and decision making.

About the presenter

Steve Ventura is the president and lead consultant at Advanced Collaborative Solutions. He is a highly motivational and knowledgeable speaker who approaches high-stakes professional development armed with practical, research-based strategies. Ventura is a former elementary and secondary teacher and has worked as both a school and a district-level administrator.

He has published multiple books and articles and regularly presents and keynotes at global education events. He is passionate about helping school-based leaders instill a culture grounded in collective teacher efficacy through his flagship work, Achievement Teams. Through this collaborative work, Ventura has helped countless educators improve their teaching practice.

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Topics covered

Professional Learning
Professional Learning

Achievement Teams: How a Better Approach to PLCs Can Improve Student Outcomes and Teacher Efficacy

What if you had a collaborative process of looking at student data that could pinpoint student gaps in learning and suggest effective strategies to close those gaps? What if you knew not only what you should start doing to enhance student learning, but also what you should stop doing because it hasn't given you the hoped-for results?

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