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Autism in Context: Optimizing Equity for Students on the Spectrum

1 year ago

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Educators and parents or guardians of students on the autism spectrum are often at odds, bringing to the table vastly different perceptions and expectations. And yet, because these students depend heavily on consistency and continuity across contexts, effective collaboration with parents and guardians is a crucial component of their education. How do educators bridge this gap?

About the presenter

Barbara Boroson provides professional development and consultative services nationwide to school districts and parents facilitating successful inclusion and bolstering efforts to support students on the autism spectrum. She has worked in the field of autism education for more than 25 years in clinical, administrative, and advisory capacities.

Boroson speaks frequently at conferences of the International Literacy Association, National School Boards Association, National Association of Elementary School Principals, National Association for the Education of Young Children, and ASCD, among others, as well as at many colleges and graduate schools. She is the author of Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Inclusive Classroom: How to Reach and Teach Students with ASD (Scholastic, 2016).

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Decoding Autism and Leading the Way to Successful Inclusion

More students on the autism spectrum are taught in general education settings today than ever before, bringing an array of notable strengths and skills that add intriguing new dimensions to educational programs. But these students also present challenges that are broader, deeper, and more intractable than those of their typically developing peers. Because reaching and teaching students on the autism spectrum in an inclusive environment complicates the work of teachers, school and district administrators must be prepared to provide knowledgeable, mindful leadership.

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