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Gender Equity in Education

1 year ago


The Six Priorities

3 months ago

Walking the Talk: A Practical Framework for Leading Toward Equity

4 months ago

It’s Not Enough to Do Equity, You Must Be Equity

1 year ago

Autism in Context: Optimizing Equity for Students on the Spectrum

2 years ago

In this Webinar

Addressing gender equity in today's schools is crucial in preparing students for the next iteration of the workforce. Broaching the topic of gender equity in schools today helps to ensure that workplaces foster more gender diversity in their settings tomorrow, regardless of career field. Equity focuses on the opportunity and fairness that exists in environments.
When we talk about gender equity in schools, we’re talking about empowering our
students to find and pursue their interests, even if those interests lie in fields where their gender has been marginalized. A simple look at the current workforce trends in sectors such as technology, finance, and medicine provides us with some insight into the gender equity issues in those fields.

Equity is about more than just representation. In this webinar, Tara Linney take it one step deeper to investigate ways to move from representation to actual gender inclusion in our learning environments. Are we ensuring that our girls are empowered to explore industries and subjects that have traditionally been led by males? Are we honoring our nonbinary students? 

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About the presenter

Tara Linney is the Director of TL Specialists LLC, an organization focused on supporting educators with meaningful, SEL-focused technology integration.

She holds an M.S. in the Science of Instruction from Drexel University and a certification as an Instructional Technology Specialist. She has worked in schools across the U.S. and in both Singapore and France, supporting them with 1:1 and BYOD programs. In 2016, she received the 21st Century Learning Award for Innovation in Educational Coaching. Since the start of her career in Education, Linney has played an active role in many professional communities. She is also an ASCD Emerging Leader. In 2017, she served as the ISTE Global Collaboration PLN President, where she led an organizational pivot to focus on SDGs in Education. She has had the privilege to speak at over 100 conferences in 10 different countries and online, impacting the work of tens of thousands of educators all around the world. Tara is also the author of Code Equity: Keying Girls into Coding, as a guide for educators looking to make a more equitable learning environment for their students, particularly in the teaching of computer science topics. 

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