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In this Webinar

Addressing gender equity in today's schools is crucial in preparing students for the next iteration of the workforce. Broaching the topic of gender equity in schools today helps to ensure that workplaces foster more gender diversity in their settings tomorrow, regardless of career field. Equity focuses on the opportunity and fairness that exists in environments. When we talk about gender equity in schools, we’re talking about empowering our students to find and pursue their interests, even if those interests lie in fields where their gender has been marginalized. A simple look at the current workforce trends in sectors such as technology, finance, and medicine provides us with some insight into the gender equity issues in those fields. Equity is about more than just representation. In this webinar, Tara Linney take it one step deeper to investigate ways to move from representation to actual gender inclusion in our learning environments. Are we ensuring that our girls are empowered to explore industries and subjects that have traditionally been led by males? Are we honoring our nonbinary students?  Download Handout

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