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How to Lead While Managing the Unexpected

1 year ago


Leading & Creating Change from Your Archetypal Genius

9 months ago

Supporting New Teachers During Challenging Times

10 months ago

21st Century Professional Learning: Leading the Way and Making a Difference

9 years ago

Creating a Culture of Achievement

11 years ago

In this Webinar

Leading during a major crisis takes experience, guts, and strategies. But what do you do when no one living has ever been through a pandemic that shut the entire world down? For more than 18 months, our schools, cities, states, and nations around the world came to a sudden halt. Shutting down our schools at a moment’s notice took many of us off guard. Now that the initial crisis of the pandemic is behind us, leading our schools takes on another challenge: How do you bring everyone back together to achieve the original goals? Now that schools and businesses are reopening, the pressure is mounting on leaders and their direct reports, and school leaders are now faced with an overwhelming number of students and staff members who are in need of mental health support.

About the presenter

Elvis Epps is the Principal of a High School in Palm Beach County, Florida. He is widely known as a transformational and servant leader who knows how to increase school performance as well as empowering his staff to give their best every day. He has also worked as an Adjunct Professor in the College of Education for the University of Phoenix in Maitland, Florida.

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