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The Six Priorities

3 weeks ago


Walking the Talk: A Practical Framework for Leading Toward Equity

2 months ago

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In his upcoming ASCD publication The Six Priorities: How to Find the Resources Your School Community Needs, Luis Eladio Torres challenges a common assumption: that education is the "first priority" for families, including those who are raising their children in low-income, high-need communities. Instead, he argues that these families must confront daunting challenges in five other areas—food, shelter, safety, health, and access to technology—before they can focus on their children's education.

About the presenter

Luis Eladio Torres, president of the New York City Elementary School Principals Association, has been a principal in New York City for over 18 years. After serving in the U.S. Navy for 10 years, Torres earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from City College, a master's degree in education from Mercy College, and an advanced degree in administration from Hunter College.

Torres then entered the NYC Leadership Academy, after which he was given the responsibility of leading C.S. 55. Torres and his team turned C.S. 55—once the lowest-performing school in New York City, located in the Morrisania housing projects in the Bronx—into a model school. Torres has raised millions of dollars for C.S. 55 and surrounding schools, acting as his school’s spokesperson, publicist, and cheerleader.

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