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In this Webinar

Have you ever noticed how certain teaching practices refuse to go away, even after being discredited because they are ineffective or potentially harmful? In this webinar, Pérsida Himmele and William Himmele will present various educational practices that persist despite
a lack of credible support for their use. They’ll present the problems associated with these teaching practices and then identify healthy and positive alternatives and strategies that can help educators reach their intended goals in a way that supports student achievement and well-being.

Topics covered

Instructional Strategies
Instructional Strategies

Why Are We Still Doing That? Positive Alternatives to Problematic Teaching Practices

Old habits die hard, particularly when they are part of the unexamined norms of schooling. In Why Are We Still Doing That?, the best-selling authors of Total Participation Techniques lead a teacher-positive, empathetic inquiry into 16 common educational practices that can undermine student learning:

Learn and Connect With Peers

Join us for one of our upcoming live events to continue learning while having the opportunity to connect with educators from around the world!