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Practical professional learning that meets the needs of districts, PD leaders, and teachers.

Tailor Content to Individuals or Groups

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Save valuable development time when you blend your PD content and ASCD's research-based content to ensure professional learning goals are met.

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Target PD to School and District Initiatives

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Customized, targeted learning to meet school and district initiatives to support teacher effectiveness and improve student learning outcomes.

Deliver Any Time, Anywhere PD to Teachers

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Choose when and how you learn from bite-sized courses, videos, podcasts and more while earning and tracking hours along the way.

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Content Library

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Access a growing library of research-based PD content, including courses, videos, articles, ebooks and podcasts by ASCD authors and leading practitioners.


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Encourage growth and learning by creating course assessments and setting passing scores and completion criteria for your school or district’s courses.


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Search by format, topic, or experience level to quickly find relevant resources that can be put into practice immediately.

Authoring Tools

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Build custom courses and create “Learning Lists” by pairing your school or district’s content with research-based ASCD content.

Learning Lists

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A collection of videos, articles and short courses with classroom-ready strategies from trusted ASCD experts.

Admin Dashboard

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Track PD activities and gauge group and individual progress with Witsby’s multilayered reporting.


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Assign content to drive professional learning and track progress toward specific school or district's goals.

My Portfolio & Tracking Clock Hours

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Users can track learning activities and clock hours to gauge their progress toward personal, district, school and graduate-level credit.

Continuous Learning for Classroom Success

Witsby helps by providing … 

  • Research-based professional learning content from ASCD authors and leading practitioners.

  • A mobile-friendly design, modular courses and varied content for bite-sized learning teachers appreciate.

  • The ability to tailor PD to target learning gaps and specific teacher needs.

  • A dashboard to track progress that allows teachers to document clock hours.


Continuous Learning for Classroom Success

Create a Growth-Focused District Culture

Witsby helps by providing …

  • Personalized PD that encourages teacher agency and helps establish a growth-focused district culture.

  • The ability to combine district professional learning with ASCD resources to target learning to specific needs.

  • An innovative way to increase the impact of in-service training by providing pre- and post-learning resources.


Create a Growth-Focused District Culture

Relevant, Practical, On-Demand PD

Witsby provides … 

  • Easy access to effective and practical classroom strategies teachers can apply immediately to help all students grow and succeed. 

  • Mobile-friendly design and a range of assets that let teachers learn when and where they want.

  • Current, diverse content across a range of education topics and instructional strategies.


Relevant, Practical, On-Demand PD

Frequently Asked Questions About Witsby™

What challenges does Witsby solve?

Time constraints, lack of access to quality content, limited technology time or resources, and flexibility are all challenges that educators face. Witsby allows users to search for, find, engage with, and then implement professional learning that meets their needs, right when they need it, 24/7, on any device. Schools/districts can also create their own learning resources, creating a one-stop shop for Professional Learning.

Do I have to be an ASCD member to access Witsby?

No, you do not have to have an ASCD membership to purchase Witsby "seats." However, membership with ASCD does have many benefits. Learn more here.

How much does Witsby cost?

Witsby is a seat license product, so the cost is dependent on the number of licenses purchased. It is recommended that every educator on a team has a seat license so everyone can access Witsby's resources. Pricing is tiered based on number of users. Existing Activate customers will be grandfathered in at their current cost for the first Witsby subscription year. Generally, its best for each person to have their own account because Witsby tracks individual learning data. Contact Partnership Team for pricing.

Is Witsby replacing Activate?

ASCD plans to wrap up usage of Activate by 2024. We encourage all Activate customers to contact ASCD to discuss the right plan and timeline for your district's migration to Witsby. In the meantime, Activate users will continue to have access to Activate.

One Stop for Educator Professional Learning

Get on-demand educator PD to meet district and personal learning goals with Witsby.


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