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Inclusive Schools in Action: Making Differences Ordinary


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Anyone seeking nuts-and-bolts information for improving schools to better meet the academic and social needs of all students need look no further. Authors James McLeskey and Nancy Waldron, working with more than 50 schools, have developed a framework teachers and administrators can use to discuss, reflect on, and apply information on school change and inclusion to their own schools.

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Issues Related to School Change and Inclusion

The Need for Leadership and Collaboration in Developing Inclusive Schools

Schoolwide Issues in Creating Inclusive Schools

About the authors

James McLeskey is professor and chair of the Department of Special Education at the University of Florida. Before moving to Florida in August 1999, he taught for 22 years at Indiana University. For the past 10 years, James has worked with many schools as they have attempted to develop and implement inclusive school programs. Through these endeavors, he has learned many lessons from teachers, principals, parents, and students regarding why it is important to develop inclusive programs and how these programs may be successfully developed. He has supplemented and enriched these lessons as a parent of two children who have had difficulty progressing in school.

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