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Teacher Evaluation to Enhance Professional Practice


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Teacher evaluation—a term that brings fear, anticipation, stress, anxiety, or even boredom to the hearts of teachers and administrators everywhere. How can we reinvent teacher evaluation so that it really makes a difference—so that everyone in school benefits from it, so that teachers and administrators learn from it, so that students succeed as a result of it? The bad news is that many schools and districts seem to be stuck in old ruts, involving The observation, The Behavior Checklist, The Conference, and The Judgment. The good news is that many districts have paved the way for teacher evaluation to actually become professional development, by using a three-track evaluation system:

Table of contents

A Flawed System

The Once and Present Context for Teacher Evaluation: Important Lessons

The Evaluative Criteria, or the “What”

Sources of Information

Evaluation Procedures, or the “How”

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