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March 1, 2019
Vol. 76
No. 6

ASCD Community in Action

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Voting Opens March 15 for the 2019 ASCD General Membership Election

Voting opens March 15 to fill two positions on ASCD's 2019–2020 Board of Directors.
Starting March 15, cast your vote by logging in with your member ID and password at The election closes on April 30, 2019. Please contact ASCD Governance at with any questions.
Voting opens March 15 to fill two positions on ASCD's 2019–2020 Board of Directors. The candidates are:
Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Connecticut, Neag School of Education; Associate Director of the Penn Educational Leadership Simulation Program at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education; 2012 ASCD Emerging Leader
South Windsor, Connecticut
Chief Academic Officer, Teaching Strategies, LLC
Bethesda, Maryland
Director, Post-Baccalaureate Fellowship Associate, Networked Improvement Science; Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching; 2016 ASCD Emerging Leader; 2012/2014 U.S. DoED Teaching Ambassador Fellow
San Jose, California
Principal, Catonsville Middle School, Baltimore County Public Schools; 2006 ASCD Emerging Leader
Baltimore, Maryland

Director of Secondary Education, Worthington City Schools
Worthington, Ohio

Upcoming ASCD Conferences

Get details about these upcoming conferences at
ASCD Empower19 March 16–18, 2019 Chicago, IL
Join education leaders at a conference developed for educators by educators to empower you to transform learning for your students and schools.
2019 Conference on Teaching Excellence June 25–27, 2019 Orlando, FL
Attend this conference for proven solutions, game-changing ideas, and the tools you need to transform student learning.

Resources for Instructional Leaders

Leading in Sync: Teacher Leaders and Principals Working Together for Student Learning by Jill Harrison Berg (ASCD, 2018). Stock No. 118021. $24.00 (member/nonmember).
This insightful book offers real-world examples, reflection questions, strategies, and downloadable tools and templates to help teacher leaders and principals learn to lead well together.
Leading High-Performance School Systems: Lessons from the World's Best by Marc Tucker (ASCD and NCEE, 2019). Stock No. 118055. $24.76 (member); $30.95 (nonmember).
Explore how top-performing school systems have met the challenges facing school leaders today and learn what knowledge and skills are needed to create first-rate systems.
With the Whole Child in Mind: Insights from the Comer School Development Program by Linda Darling-Hammond et al. (ASCD, 2018). Stock No. 119028. $19.96 (member); $24.95 (nonmember).
One of the country's foremost experts on K–12 education argues persuasively for the continuing relevance of James P. Comer's whole-child focused School Development Program.
The School Leader's Guide to Building and Sustaining Math Success by Marian Small and Doug Duff (ASCD, 2018). Stock No. 118039. $23.16 (member); $28.95 (nonmember).
This book guides school leaders through the initial steps of improving math instruction and offers suggestions for monitoring, supporting, and sustaining improvement.
Is My School a Better School BECAUSE I Lead It? by Baruti K. Kafele (ASCD, 2018). Stock No. 120013. $12.76 (member); $15.95 (nonmember).
Baruti Kafele presents both reflective questions and answers to those questions to help school leaders understand the importance of their roles in a school's success.
Creating a Culture of Reflective Practice: Capacity Building for Schoolwide Success by Pete Hall and Alisa Simeral (ASCD, 2017). Stock No. 117006. $27.16 (member); $33.95 (nonmember).
Lessons learned from educators across grade levels and content areas present a definitive guide to developing a culture of reflective practice in your school.

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ASCD is a community dedicated to educators' professional growth and well-being.

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