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The wave of initiatives is crashing down on us, and it doesn’t appear to be receding any time soon. How do we manage this pressure? How do we filter the demands to determine our priorities? How do we turn mandates into action? In this webinar, Pete Hall discusses ASCD’s approach to capacity building within a school system, addressing these questions and more. Hall, an award-winning educator and ASCD coauthor of Building Teachers’ Capacity for Success, emphasizes the development of educators’ reflective skills and tendencies to augment the technical proficiencies that enhance our professional practice. In a strengths-based, coaching-oriented model, Hall shares how we can strengthen organizations by simultaneously bolstering our individual and collective capacity. This webinar includes tips for school leaders, decision makers, teachers, and anyone with an interest in increasing educator effectiveness. A companion webinar and book focused on personal capacity building for teachers are also available.

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