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It’s Not Enough to Do Equity, You Must Be Equity

10 months ago

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The hottest topic in education today is equity. At its core, equity means "meeting youngsters where they are, as they are." In his latest book, The Equity & Social Justice Education 50, Principal Kafele argues that this requires a teacher who possesses an equity mindset. If
equity is all about meeting the individual needs of all of the learners in the classroom, he asserts, then equity can’t solely be something that you do. It must, emphatically, be who you are. Join him for a robust discussion of his latest book and the importance of the equity mindset.


The Equity and Social Justice Education 50: Critical Questions for Improving Opportunities and Outcomes for Black Students

How do you ensure that no student is invisible in your classroom? How do you make the distinction between equity as the vehicle versus equity as the goal for each of your students? What measures do you take to ensure that you are growing as a culturally relevant practitioner? Can your students, particularly your Black students, articulate, beyond emotional reactions, the injustices that surround them?

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