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July 1, 2021

Readers React

Reader responses to *Educational Leadership*'s April 2021 on "The Empowered Principal."


April 2021: The Empowered Principal

Powerful Pieces

The April issue looks like a winner for school leaders. I see that my peeps, Robyn Jackson (@Robyn_Mindsteps), Sanee Bell (@SaneeBell), and Mark Anthony Gooden (@GoodenPhD) have articles in this issue. I'm looking forward to this one.

Baruti K. Kafele (@PrincipalKafele)

Every month, EL magazine offers up something good, but I am really digging April's theme. I catch myself doing a lot of head nods.

Shaune Beatty (@ShauneBeatty)

This month's EL magazine is full of great articles for school leaders. Providing tools, resources, and ideas to lead change in our schools.

Yesenia Mccleskey (@Ymcclesk34)

Double Take

Oh, hey, representation! Thanks for this month's edition, ASCD.



Micah B. Harris (@MBH_Lead2Learn)

Principal Matters

A great study! ["What Great Principals Really Do" by Jason A. Grissom, Anna J. Egalite and Constance A. Lindsay] The principal matters! I was happy to see the study draw out the importance of people skills. An often overlooked and underestimated skill. Great leaders leverage this skill to galvanize the belief, efforts, and contributions of others to achieve a shared vision.

Jennifer Collier (@drjencollier)

Great Observation

A fabulous article that emphasizes bringing evidence to a conversation and opening it up for the teacher to share what they notice/wonder ["Making Classroom Observations Matter" by Lynda Tredway, Matt Militello and Ken Simon]. Creating this space for teachers leads to deeper reflection and changes to practice.

Jenna Moller (@jenna_moller)

All About the Vision

Intriguing article ["The Most Powerful Tool in a Principal's Arsenal" by Robyn Jackson]. Challenges the historic practice of shared visioning. Not 100 percent convinced but intrigued. Parallels with the best athletic coaches—establish vision and get players to buy in.

Wade Smith (@WallaWallaSup)

Be the Leader You Want to Be

Pretty great read ["What Kind of Leader Are You?" by Bryan Goodwin and Kent Davis]. As we are recovering from a pandemic, what kind of leader do you want to be … transformational or transactional?

David Huber (@DavidJHuber)

People first! There are so many nice reminders in Goodwin and Davis's article. Remember to establish trust and build capacity in your team. Then, no matter what beasts lurk before you, y'all can get through it... together!

Pete Hall (@educationhall)

Ending on a Good Note

This ["Getting the Endings Right" by Matthew R. Kay] is one of the most brilliant and important things I've ever read in EL magazine. Really.

Brian Conant (@conantbrianedu)

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